Sunday 5 April 2015

Victorian Cast Iron Coalbrookdale Ceiling Rose 1869


This is a very ornate original Victorian ceiling rose which dates from 1869.

Due to the high quality of the piece, it is believed to be manufactured by the world renowned Coalbrookdale foundry.  Many items manufactured by the foundry do not carry its mark, however the exceptional high quality of the cast strongly points towards Coalbrookdale as the casting foundry.

The rose has 12 fixing holes that have been cast on the periphery of the item, as well as two larger anchoring holes at the centre.

The diameter of the rose is 101 cm.

 It has a classical acanthus leaf and foliage design that provides a very elegant feel to the piece.  The superior casting is very pronounced and reaches into the room and does not lie flat like other contemporary examples.

When placed into a room the eye is naturally drawn to the piece and is an essential for any superior period home.