Friday 10 April 2015



for sale:

This is an vintage 1930's TRI-ANG MAGNA No 8 pedal car racer in very good and almost 100% original unrestored condition.

The car has been stored for years in a  personal collection / private car museum, hence the almost perfect original condition.

As far as I can see, the only parts that looks replaced are the four tires and the license plates.

According to a 1930's advertisement I found, the tires should be dunlop cord balloon tires (as on the J40), only the spare tyre is still an original dunlop cord tyre.
The 4 others have been replaced by Vredestein tyres.

The license plates are vintage "DIY made" plates,  that are on the car for years, and their patina matches the rest of this lovely pedal car.

The rest of the car is (IMO) 100% original.

Wooden body has some knocks and some playwear, paint looks original to me.

The black tonneau cover + seat upholstery has a lot of cracks (dried out) plus has a few tears BUT it's the original leather !

Mechanics are more then ok, everything (pedals, steering wheel, brake, windshield, horn) works fine.

Metal fenders have some knocks, but nothing that detracts the beauty of this car.

The small lights on the front fenders, seem to have contact-screws for electric wiring , but no wires are installed/included.

Hood ornament is damaged, normally should be an extra ring (loop) on top (looks restorable to me by someone with the right tools/knowledge)

Bonus is the original (optional) horn / bell and and little triangle sign on the rear fender with "4 wheel brakes".

SIZE: 145 cm long, 65 cm width, highest point (steering wheel) 55 cm.  (47 inch x 25 inch x 21 inch)

Have a good look at the pictures, what you see is what you get.

The BIN in 1930 was 5£ 5c in 2015 there's no BIN, it will sell at highest bidder.


I live in Belgium , nearby Leuven. I would prefer a local pick up , so that the car doesn't get damaged during transport.

The pick up can be arranged in Leuven (hometown) or in Ostend (holiday house).

If really needed , pedal car can be shipped l, but it that case I will have to make a crate and check out a few shipping companies for a price quote.
(i would estimate this in a price range of 200-300£, since it's heavy and bid.) Also in that case i'm not reliable for damage or loss.

This is a super rare and valuable pedal car, so I guess if you really want it to arrived sound and save, a local pick up is the most logical choice.

I am not in a hurry, so if you win you don't have to be here in hours/days for an immediate pick up.

In case you want me the store car for a few days/weeks, I'll be asking a small deposit to make sure that the your are committed to buy.

Payment can be made on pick up (Pounds or euros). Sorry no Paypal.

Any questions mail me.

Probably a once in a life time opportunity to get your hands on this super rare UNRESTORED pedal car.
Good luck with the bids.