Saturday 24 October 2015

Decorative cast stone pillars (23 Available) £15 Each £300 The Lot(£13.05)

Sellers Comments - These are very good quality moulded stone / cast pillars. They are very well made and classically shaped and do not have any moulding marks that are found on cheapo products. Bath stone colour. I think they may be spun manufacture. Although these are all UNUSED these are quite old and have sat outside for a few years so they are very nicely patinated plus some lichen and moss in places. They are very heavy - about 30 kg each. I have 23 of these and I would prefer to sell in one lot. There are one or with two slight chips from storage / handling. I will not go below my starting price which is £15.00 EACH or £300 for the lot. Will require to be collected from Worcester.