Thursday 5 February 2015

Original Reclaim Vintage Industrial Workbench Kitchen Unit Island Solid Oak Top

Amazing unrestored very large work bench in great condition. This is very solid and heavy. The legs are oak ( small amount of water damage at base of legs as well as a little evidence of woodworm. I have treated tthe whole table with a woodworm killer. The rest of the table base is made of pitch pine and pine all in superb vintage condition the shelf is tongue and groove pine and has some oil staining but this could be removed fairly easily ( or kept to maintain its patina,grain texture ) the work top is inch and a quarter solid oak tongue and groove planks. These have the lived in look a work bench would have with  all the marks oil stains,burns and hammer marks. The grain of the aged oak is brilliant and on one of the photos I have shown the underside of the oak top if you need a " cleaner " look
The Record Vice no 52 1/2 E looks in good condition but may need a bit of oiling to get it going if you need to.
The 2 drawer fronts are just fronts I have put in to show what it may look like with them. There are no drawers or drawer liners/ supports. You would have to add these if you wish
The shelf and ths oak tpcome of if needed for eaier transport
Width   2008 cm ( 6ft 10 ins)
Depth    925cm  ( 3ft)
Height   840cm  (2ft 9 ins)
Low start bid

Very very Heavy